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We try to source suppliers closest to our region as possible.

  • We always purchase Fair-Trade, Organic, Kosher, Non GMO whenever possible. Our products are cruelty free and not tested on Animals. 

  • All of our additives our from verified sources and vendors.

Please feel free to see vendor list below, Allergen Sheets and SDS are available upon request for fragranced soaps and products.

MAD MICAS - colors & glitters

Essential Oil Depot

This premium Palm Oil is RSPO Certified Sustainable, demonstrating Essential Depot's commitment to preservation of the orangutan habitat impacted by conventional palm production. Purchase of RSPO Certified Sustainable palm oil contributes to the preservation of the orangutan habitat as well as fair trade and ethical sourcing.

Shea Butter

Certified Sustainable Palm Oil

CSPO/ RSPO,com/news/what-is-sustainable-palm-oil/

Nurture Soap 



Who are your suppliers?: FAQ
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